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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Post Election Party/Aftermath

Sorry that there aren't more pictures. Don't blame me! I only had the camera from around 5am to 8am before I gave it to someone else. Also, for some reason the camera really seems to be having problems with the resolution when it starts to get dark so you'll just have to bare with the fuzz. Think of it like a TV with rabbit ears that gets bad reception if that makes you feel any better.
Around 8:30pm, it was getting pretty dark, and things were shutting down so most of the poll-standers headed back to the house for the post-election, hopefully *victory* party.
One of the local guys that dropped in for the party just a short while after I think this photo was taken thought that the bottle of Cola I was holding was something other than what it really was... apparently that was an issue for other sign wavers also (talk to Josh)... Someone started a game of soccer (we lit up the field with car headlights) and I didn't even think about the results until I took a step inside about an hour later...
and saw that they weren't exactly looking all that great locally or nationally
just before Ohio and Florida go blue
The next day... time to start the clean up and reorganizing. On my way to school I grabbed a bunch of our yard signs, Peter & Aidan, Dad, etc also went on runs to collect the 400+ signs around the district. Who knows, we might need them again someday

Overall the feeling around here is actually pretty optimistic. It's one thing to be embarrassed, lose by a ton of votes, and on the other hand, it kills when you lose by the slimmest of margins (60 votes for example, leads to "if only I knocked on 30 more doors..." nightmares), but the margin we lost by was about as painless as you could get (4%, 250'sh votes). So yeah, right now things are peachy. There's things to be done, places to go, people to meet and thinking about "what if" really doesn't make any sense. Despite the loss, it was still a great experience, and well worth doing.

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