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Friday, April 25, 2008

SpyGate Saga Continues

Matt Walsh will talk with NFL officials regarding his alleged knowledge of the Patriots video taping scandal. Apparently, Walsh claims that the Patriots taped a pre-game walk through [of plays] by the Rams in Super Bowl XXVI. And you just thought Ty Law just made that interception just because he was in the right place. Hah!

Hey, maybe the NFL will take away the Patriots next 100 first round picks or something (and why not also send Tom Brady to the Rams too?).

In other Pats news; the Patriots signed former Colt tight end Marcus Pollard [2007 stats with Seattle: 28 rec, 273 yds, 2 TDs], defensive lineman Kenny Smith and a punter that's been around since the flood, Scott Player [still uses the one bar helmet]. My best guess is that only Pollard actually has a realistic chance of making the team and the other two are just to push the guys in training camp [assuming they make it that far].

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