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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hanging With Huck

Brown Daily Herald, Huckabee Tells Rhode Islanders He's Not Done Yet

"Huckabee acknowledged that the odds are stacked against him, both in the national race and in Rhode Island, but that didn't seem to dampen his support at the rally.

Richard Wilford, a former Brown student and a current pastor in Providence [and Huckabee delegate], told The Herald that Huckabee's emphasis on family values and religion are potential solutions to the "breakdown in family" in black culture.

Wilford, who is black, chuckled when asked if his vote for Huckabee would be wasted, since McCain needs about 200 delegates to secure the Republican nomination, which requires 1,191 delegates. Huckabee would need nearly 1,000 delegates to get his party's nod.

"It's not over until the fat lady sings - I think she's warming up," Wilford said with a smile.

One supporter, David Hathaway Sr., the coordinator and chairman of Huckabee's Rhode Island Delegate Selection and Steering Committee, said his candidate was primed for a strong Ocean State showing and that the negativity surrounding his chances was media spin.

"There's been an attempt to margialize his support base to only evangelical Christians," Hathaway said, while acknowledging that the campaign might not be quite ready for a nomination victory. Citing Ronald Reagan's failed 1976 bid for the nomination, Hathaway said of the Huckabee camp, "it takes time to fully form what they've got.""

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