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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bully, They've Released Roosevelt

The Patriots cut Roosevelt Colvin yesterday along with [second year, 1st year spent on IR] inside linebacker Oscar Lua. The move to release Colvin probably had more to do with clearing cap space than anything else and it still is possible that he could return if he restructures his contract so it fits better in the overall scheme of things. A more likely scenario however is that he will be paid an obscene amount of money by some team and wearing a Dolphins or Bears uniform next year.

Other than Mike Vrabel, Colvin was the Patriots best pass-rusher so the Patriots will have to repleace him with someone. Adalius Thomas is one possibility to fill the role (move from ILB to OLB] along with the possible draft pick of Vernon Gholston, talented, top ten worthy pick, OLB from Ohio State. Actually, the free agent linebacker market is so depleted this year that some of the top names in it include Mark Simoneau, Danny Clark, Boss Bailey and Demorrio Williams. There are really only two great linebackers in the free agency (three if you count Colvin in), Lance Briggs (probably going to the Redskins) & Kawika Mitchell.

Up to this point this is what the Patriots linebacker group looks like.
Eric Alexander
Larry Izzo
T.J. Slaughter
Pierre Woods
Mike Vrabel*
Adalius Thomas*

Junior Seau and Teddy Bruschi still have not made decisions as to whether or not they will be returning.

Another note, one of the faces from the 2003-2005 team, safety Eugene Wilson, is leaving the Patriots after playing with the team for five years. In the last year, James Sanders gradually took over his role to the point that Wilson was inactive for many games this season.

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