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Friday, January 18, 2008

Rhody Delegate Situation

Guess who's leading with the most Rhode Island delegates? Surprise, surprise...

Mike Huckabee
District 1: 19
District 2: 22
-Total: 41

John McCain
District 1: 22

District 2: 18
-Total: 40

Ron Paul
District 1: 14
District 2: 7
-Total: 21

Rudy Guiliani
District 1: 1
District 2: 8
-Total: 9

Fred Thompson
District 1: 5
District 2: 4
-Total: 9

Mitt Romney
District 1: 3
District 2: 5

Uncommitted Republican
District 1: 2
District 2: 1
-Total: 3

The reason why these numbers are important is because it basically insures that in the best case circumstances, Mitt Romney can only at the most get eight RI delegates. And that is assuming that all eight of the his delegates collect at least 150 signatures. The same thing applies to Fred Thompson (who is going to pull out Saturday night or Sunday anyways) and Rudy Guiliani. The guy with the most egg in his face has to be Romney though because RI is a state that he should own - he literally was the governor next door - and now he can only muster up eight total delegates? Do we know him too well?

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