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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Mr. Dugger Asks Mitt Romney About the Abortion Copay

This morning I was watching a video on Fox News Enbed's political blog of a Romney response to Huckabee's announcement that he was not going to be airing negative ads against him. In the video, the plastic faced Romney attacked Huckabee and noted that he was "running a serious campaign." I agree with Romney, if he wins, it's a serious thing, America loses. But back to the point of this post, after Romney's pontificating - a few members of the press - and a person that looked familiar tried to ask Romney some questions. As usual, Romney just ignored the people that were asking questions as if they didn't exist and then in an attempt to appease them by offering them pizza (it's hard to ask tough questions with pig in your mouth).

After watching the video for a second time, I recognized the familiar person in the video as Mr. Dugger - a father of 17 children. The question he was asking was about Romney's Massachusetts health care plan, and more specifically the $50 copay that the plan allows for those wanting to have an abortion. Romney ignored Mr. Dugger’s question – and so far hasn’t responded. It’s quite a serious thing because Romney sort of get’s away with saying while he was for a long time personally pro-life, he was in effect sort of pro-choice death – BUT – according to Romney - he never signed any legalization that was pro-death. Well, the $50 copay for abortions shows again that Romney is fibbing/lying again.

What a surprise. I'm shocked.



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