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Monday, December 31, 2007

Huckabee Pulls Negative Ad

Mike Huckabee announced today that his campaign would not run a negative ad against Mitt Romney that was scheduled to being airing this afternoon. The ad attacked Romney on the issues of abortion, capital punishment, spending and the deposit that Romney left Massachusetts in. Whether the decision to not air the ad will hurt or help Huckabee won't be known until January 3d, but, Huckabee has committed himself to telling American's why he should be president - not why someone else shouldn't.

Hopefully the voters in Iowa will look past Mitt Romney's deceptive attack ads and instead look at the candidates records. In my view, Romney doesn't have a record to be proud of, that's why he's attacking all the other candidates so viciously. If the race was just about qualifications and records, Mitt won't even be part of the discussion. On Gun Control, Abortion, Health Care to the Homosexual Agenda he's been consistently on the wrong side of the ship.

Going back to the positive Huckabee campaign; here's two new ads that Huckabee will be airing in Iowa.


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