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Monday, January 07, 2008

Busy as a Huckabee

I've been working up in New Hampshire for the last few days so that is the reason for the slow posting. As soon as the primary is over tomorrow that should free up some time to do a little more blogging hopefully.

A new poll came out today showing Mike Huckabee taking a substantial lead in the national GOP presidential race! The USA Today/Gallup poll shows Huckabee with a five point lead over the next closet challenger, Rudy Guiliani. So much for Rush Limbaugh controlling the Republican party...

As far as the New Hampshire poll numbers, most polls show Huckabee in a tight race for third or in forth place. Wherever he finishes tomorrow night really won't hurt him but a third place finish would really be a huge victory for his campaign. There is really a lot of anti-Christian sentiment in NH so that may hurt Huck but whatever happens, the Huckaboom continues.

We shall see what will happen.



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