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Monday, December 10, 2007

CNN Poll: Huckabee Second Nationwide

In a poll released today by CNN News (poll was conducted between the 6-9 Dec.), Mike Huckabee has pulled into essentially a tie nationwide with Rudy Guiliani. According to the numbers, Rudy leads with 24% to Huckabee's 22%. This is the first credible, non-daily tracking poll, to show Huckabee with over 20% support nationwide. It seems to indicate that even after all the attacks Huckabee has taken since around December 1st, more and more voters are deciding that he is their guy. Here are the full results and documentation of the poll.

Also, looks as if there is a big fundraiser coming up for Huck in the lone star state that could raise up to perhaps as much as $250,000!



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