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Monday, April 16, 2007

2007 Patriots Mock Draft: Rounds 1-3

) 1st Round: 24 Pick Overall - Chris Houston, Cornerback from the University of Arkansas, 5-9, 185 pounds.

In order to survive vs the Indianapolis Colts you need to have at least three good cornerbacks. Houston is the best corner in the draft and would compete for a starting job right away. Further insentive for this pick also has to be the Asante Samuel contract dispute situation. If Samuel were to hold out or get traded without a suitable replacement the Patriots can forget any dreams of a Super Bowl victory in 07.

-Other possible picks for the Pats at this point -Darrelle Revis, Cornerback, University of Pittsburgh (5-11, 204). If Houston isn't around for the Pats, Revis might merit a pick. Also Jon Beason, Inside Linebacker, University of Miami (6-0, 237), is going to be a really solid inside linebacker in the NFL and if the Patriots like him enough they might just pick him here and forget about the spot for the rest of the draft.

) 1st Round: 28 Pick Overall - Brandon Meriweather, Safety from the University of Miami, 5-11, 195.

Rodney Harrison needs a replacement and Meriweather would be a prefect pick to do just that. UM safety's also have a good reputation for being great players in the NFL (Ed Reed, Sean Taylor).

-Other possible pick for the Pats at this point - LaMarr Woodley, OLB from Michigan. Potential All Pro, if Meriweather is gone at this point Woodley would be very much worth the pick.

* If the Patriots were to do a major trade up in the 1st round it would be to get either, Florida Safety Reggie Nelson, or University of Mississippi Inside Linebacker Patrick Willis. Also, a move up a couple spots to the 22 pick make sure that they get Chris Houston won't be a big surprise.

If on the other hand the Patriots decide to move down into the second round of the draft where they currently have no picks, the players they would most likely be aiming at would be Brian Leonard, FB, Rutgers, David Harris, Inside Linebacker from Michigan (6-2, 243), or Brandon Siler, Inside Linebacker from Florida (6-2, 241). A potential bonk me on the head and call me Barry Bonds pick could be Antonino Gonzales, WR from Ohio State. With the number of wide receivers on the Patriots though, I would doubt that that would happen.

) Third Round 28th pick, (90th overall) Zak DeOssie, Inside Linebacker, Brown University (6-4, 250). DeOssie would be a great backup to Tedy Bruschi and has all the tools to eventuality could replace him as the teams leader on the defense.

-Other possible pick for the Pats at this point - Michael Bush, (6-3, 253), Running Back, Louisville, if he's still around then the Patriots may be interested. Also Jason Hill, (6-0, 210) Wide Receiver,Washington State would fit well into the Pats crowded receiver unit.

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Blogger Coop said...

Zak DeOssie or Michael Bush would be good picks for that late in the draft. I don't want Chris Housotn though... the Pats should trade up for Aaron Ross. Another thing that they could do is trade both of their first rounders to Buffalo for the 12th pick and select Patrick Willis... even though I doubt that happening.

Tuesday, 17 April, 2007  
Blogger Coop said...

check out my current predictions at COMMENTS ARE WELCOME FROM ANYBODY! :)

Tuesday, 17 April, 2007  
Blogger Tash said...

I really think Chris Houston is the best corner in the draft this year but if he's not at#24 then yeah, Aaron Ross isn't bad either.

One guy I forgot to mention in the Mock Draft was University of Utah Safety, Eric Weddle.


I think he's been a little overhyped but if the Pats somehow picked him up in the second round I won't be surprised.

Tuesday, 17 April, 2007  

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