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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Close, close, perhaps not close enough...

Could conservatives pull Virginia for Huckabee tonight?

According to a story by, "in Virginia, nearly seven in 10 voters in the Republican primary called themselves conservatives, and Huckabee was gaining half their votes in a strong challenge to the party's front-runner."

Meanwhile, on the Democrat side, it appears as if Obama is going to win all three primary's tonight. It seems as if the Democrats have finally got smart and realized that they have an extremely better chance of getting Obama elected than Hillary. Now the question is how long Hillary can stay in the race.

Update: here's an exit poll from the Virginia of voters 65 and older (Huckabee's worst demographic traditionally)

Huck 45%
McCain 49%

If these numbers are true, wow. Let's wait till the real numbers come out though before getting excited.

Ok, with 7% reporting. Huck up by 9%. Still way to early to mean that much .
Another exit poll, evang's/born again Christian
Huck 66%
McCain 26%

McCain takes the lead, 47% to 45%... 27% of the vote reporting. Apparently some of the eastern districts of the state that will lean towards McCain still have not reported in yet...

New numbers... 39% reporting.

Ouch, now with about 50% of the vote in, CNN has just called it for McCain.